Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Pixel Penguin...


Beign creative has taken a hit for me the past couple of weeks, not sure whats happened to me tbh, seem to find it very hard to stick to a project or even come up with something to begin with...


I had a quick look about pixel joint and notice one of their competitions (its finished now) was themed around penguins.

I came up with this anyways because why not, currently thinking of ways to get myself back into the 3d side of things so yeah,

think the most important thing is try my hardest to get myself out of this dip i seem to have gotten myself in, here was me thinking it was just a uni thing :(

So yeah until next time, laters.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

I'am Still alive!

Hello, everyone.

So havnt posted anything in a while and to be honest its because i havnt done much creative things for a while.

Incase anyone was wondering I didnt manage to get a job at 4J studios,

Now, been trying to get my head back into doing stuff and get me out of this slump i have managed to get myself in.

so been working on a pixel art animation thingy for fun really..

It is not finished yet but this is a little WIP for you...

As much as i hate it, valentines day is around the corner so i though should do some sort of themed explosion (i like explosions)