Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Pixel scape update


So this is my piece of pixel art finished now...might update it later on but we shall see.

But time to move on to other things, I have started pose sketching again try get better at sketching people will hopefully help me improve my other works. ( especially that animation i have planned )

So, whats next...


I gotta get some more applications sent away, so that i can keep the job centre happy.. annoyingly writing applications over and over again seems to be a good way to make me want to not do anything for a while but hopefully i can still keep hold of my motivation after that...

and finally get the last bit of that wolf animation finished with (keep forgetting about that)

I also want to do some explosions and particle effects stuff so yeah... should be busy.

so keep an eye out for all that,

until then just you stay classy..

David M

Friday, 8 November 2013

Super meat boy fan art, pixel tree update, a new HDD and portfolio feedback

Hey guys, quickly just going to show you lot a couple of things to chat about,

So first up, I got a new hdd through amazon a couple of days back so expect to see the next timelapses of the wolf run cycle soon.

secondly, being a massive fan of team meats, super meat boy game I created a piece of fan art to show my love,

little horn sketch

little horn

little horn + dawn of the dead mash up

heres some footage of it to give you an idea of where i got my inspiration:

lastly the image is up for sale if you like it on my RB page for tshirts posters cards stickers or ipad cases :)

Pixel tree update

next up heres a little image to see the progress on my pixel tree idea, i have been playing alot of terraria recently since the new 1.2 update so its starting to influence me a wee bit.

pixel tree

pixel tree with slimes...

Lastly, you may remember me talking about 4j studios contacting me asking to see more stuff, well i didnt get the job but the lead artist David Keningale did however give me some ver good feedback on my portfolio and good words so all in all put a smile on my face despite not getting a job and has given me some much need motivation to get going and improving :) so stay tuned!

till then, laters potaters.

David M