Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Minecraft me and stufffor a 4j studios interview...


Yesterday I was lucky to be contacted by 4J studios to ask me if I would like to come up for an interview..

my answer was a rather resounding, yes!

So, I decided to prepare myself quickly for 3D pixel art by going over what I had done in 4th year...

3D pixel art

But, since I havent played around in maya I decided it would be fun doing a quick texture for steve and making him me...

(modelling/rigging wasn't by me)



Also, a little tiny card game update for you...

this is the new item picture for the consumable, "tidal wave" still not 100% but think its a great deal better than the old one.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Game art assets day 12 : rarity design

Hello everyone,

So what have I been doing over the passed couple of days?

Well lets start of with the items, I have been writing out what could be considered as a design document along side it like I said I would so i know roughly how many unique items there are (the stats an abillities of these items are more than likely change over time but for now I have got them to do what i want them to do.

mushroom : changed the glowing effect behind it a wee bit...
freeze: new
tornado : changed to fit the style of the other items

I havnt really decided what i am going to do with tidal wave yet, i have an image in my head of how it should look but cant seem to get it down on paper yet.

Anyways after that I decided to do some alterations to the design of each card so players know how rare they are...

so red are rare, meaning at max in the entire item deck will have 2 duplicates but more likely it will be the only one in the deck.

orange are uncommon, each item can have anything from 3 - 4 duplicates

and green are common and can have 5+ duplicates of the item...

I am toying with the idea that the common cards although are duplicates hold the same stats but can have additional stats such as a rusty handgun same damage but the player has to roll a dice if its a 1 the gun jams or brakes.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Game art assets day 11 : more items!

Hello, just to clear things up straight away, I know i said i would be doing more on the pig today...

However I ended up doing some more items just to get myself back into it since i took a wee break...

However whilst i was doing these I was thinking maybe i should have down on paper somewhere what items there are going to be so thats probably what I will be doing tomorrow.

anyways hope you like this wee update :)

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Game art assets day 10 : meat card and hearthstone

Hello guys,

Well I have a confession to make, I havnt been doing much arty shizz for the past 2 days all thanks to blizzard letting me into the hearthstone beta.

Which is awfully good fun...so get it checked out if you havnt done so already.

anyways what i have done ever is the design for meat decks and fixed somethings with the item decks..

So yeah the layouts changed a wee bit, basically the card now displays how many turns/rounds you can use the weapon , this rpg for example can be used once.

I also have added under the RPG title a subtitle so people know what item it is, from weapons, consumables and constructions.

i also started designing the meat cards..

The reason why the numbers arnt in the corner as I am working from a template which needs a border for catting.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Game art assets day 9 : new layout | design of cards


So as you may have seen in the title i have edited the layout of the card a bit more...

from this:

 I spent some time clearing some of the rules up in the design document to make things easier for me to decide what needs to be shown on the card,

but yeah, think tomorrow i should start the work on the pig again had a rather long time out from working on him now.

quick little edit: just finished doing the back of the items cards, nice and simple : 

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Pixel Joint - Competition #1

Hello everyone,

Well today I was going to do some more items and such when i came across this challenge on pixel joint...

CHALLENGE: Radiant Orchid

The colour gods at Pantone have ordained that the colour of the year is Radiant Orchid. So, this week, the task is to use that colour within the orchid shaped canvas shown below.

You can pixel anything you want, you can even just pixel an orchid if you want to be really boring.

Canvas Size - Use the template above.
Colours - Max 18. Must use the colour above (#b163a2).
Transparency - Required (only outside the template shape though).
Animation - Optional.


  • Participants have until this upcoming Sunday at midnight (12AM Pacific) to submit their entry (strict). Don't forget to check the 'Submit to weekly challenge' checkbox.
  • Only new pixels allowed.
  • Open to all members.
  • Posting WIPs in this thread or in new threads in the WIP section is highly encouraged, but ONLY SUBMIT YOUR FINAL ART.


  • Every Sunday at midnight (12AM Pacific) the previous week's entries are judged.
  • Every week a new voting poll will be posted for previous week's entries.
  • Winner announced the following week.


  • Top three finishers will receive an award displayed in your PJ gallery profile for all to see and envy.
  • Top finisher gets to call the following week's challenge...sweet.
  • 'Participation' ribbons will be given for all who enter.
  • No matter what happens you get challenged :)

Now during my time at uni i kinda wanted to do one of these but didnt feel i had the time, but now that i do i felt i would give it a bash despite the competition finishing today at 5 and me deciding to do at 3 this is what i came up with...

Friday, 10 January 2014

game art assets : day 8 - more items and icons

Hello chaps & chapettes,

So today been working on more of the items for the card game, i shall post up an explanation of each of these cards when i have finished the ones that i have got in the game so far.

from top left, 

  1. grenade
  2. handgun
  3. flamethrower
  4. minigun
  5. base ball
  6. mine
  7. blowpipe
  8. shotgun
  9. sniper rifle
  10. molotov
  11. baseballbat
  12. nuke
  13. spade
  14. chainsaw
  15. attack dog (bracken)
  16. explosive damage icon
  17. tidal wave
  18. tornado
  19. health points icon
  20. ice blade
  21. melee damage icon
  22. knife
  23. fire axe
  24. samurai sword
  25. range damage icon
  26. pointed stick
  27. RPG

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Game Art assests : Day 6&7 card layout and item images

Hello people,

So yesterday and today i took a break from the haymaker and started planning out the card layout etc...

card layout

  • Background - wooden like a crate ( in the ipad version I always imagined the weapons etc would fall down in crates ( like worms ) so I felt that would be fitting for the background of the cards
  • Title Box - the title box at the top of the card is where the name of the item will be e.g. shotgun. the colour i was thinking represents the rarity of the card - green = common, orange - uncommon - red - rare. also thinking of making this box just the picture of the item sitting on a rack or on a chelf as if its a store. this will also display the damage, health of the item
  • Description - this is where the item is explained more in depth,
  • the other 2 number boxes are the items cost and selling price.

anyways i started work on the items that you can buy and heres an image of 13 i have done so far

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Game art assets : day 5

So here he is by the end of today, And the main changes were for the grass however i was starting to get bored so started on the lay out for the background.

still thinking the pigs waiting looks a bit awkward but I kinda dont want to make any huges changes to it yet think the barrel needs to be a bit more top heavy (so the barrels pointing to the ground) would prob make it look better too.

tomorrow i might take a break on the pig and start thinking about the card layout maybe get some item cards designs down and put them up.

anyways thanks all who read this...


Monday, 6 January 2014

Game art assets: day 4 | portfolio problems

So day 4 ...

today i spent most of my time thinking of better things for this guy to have.. I came to the conclusion that having a medic class boss dude missing a hand being rather problematic.

so he now has 2 free hands the weapons now a modified leaf blower (going with the theme of being on a farm) this weapon can now be attached to his back pack when hes not using it...

I also think he might be a wee bit off balance? however i dont know how to change that without pretty much starting from scratch :(

also made a start at doing the environment, kinda wishing i did a timelapse of this but wasnt to be.

haymaker day 3

other news...

so decided to edit a few things on my portfolio only to find out i have been completely locked out, it would also appear that my 2 emails that i have ever had in my life (excluding uni) hasnt been registered? So i dont know what i am going to do on that end.

also updated my wallpaper to give me some motivation...

Sunday, 5 January 2014

game art assets : Day 3

So here is what i got up to for day three...

As you can see hes changed quite a bit from yesterdays.. (here it is again in case you have forgotten)

so heres the changes...

  1. Head - hes balder now, i did this as i fel there was too much brown in the scene and felt he looked a bit "anime" i also added a little headband in to show you what kind of class he is (healer) ... this is the sort of band military forces wear around their arms.
  2. his right arm - I moved the weapon in a bit as the angle didnt look right i also added a glove
  3. his left arm - made the gun look a bit more interesting by added a few more details and added some rust
  4. Shading - I added a darker shade to give him a bit more depth as some of his folds and limbs were blending into himself.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Game Art Assets - Day 2

So day 2 of my creative a day was converting the sketch i posted up yesterday into pixel art...

hes getting there but still needs some more work done of course, taking me a bit longer as I have become rather rusty since my last pixel art attempt but I am enjoying it so thats a plus :D

hopefully get him all nicely shaded and adding in a bit more detail tomorrow to make him more interesting so stay tuned.


Friday, 3 January 2014

new year resolution: day 1


So thats us in 2014 now...

I haven't been posting much at all or doing much art work either, but I have been thinking about my life right now and I cant really say with an honest face that I am happy with where I am right now. So I thought my new year resolution should be..

"to be more creative"

rather vague sentence i know but I feel just being more creative is exactly what I need right now job hunting hasnt been particularly positive these past few months but I feel I can certainly start making the down time ( im currently in excess of right now ) into an advantage of mine.

I have been trying to be creative but I can feel totally uninspired to do so, so instead of giving me loooads of little projects to do and overwhelm myself I have instead decided to focus at minimum an hour a day on doing something towards my game idea.

The game idea has been mentioned on my blog before, but trying to get my friend in to be my programmer is proving a lot more difficult than first anticipated, so instead i am just going to do various art assets and such for the game and just take it from there...

The haymaker (sorry blogger seems to want to upload it sideways )

Basicaly the game is somewhat of a roguelite towerdefense game where players build defenses etc to ward of waves of attacking sheep.

the player plays as a wolf who is hungry and attacks the farm only to find out that the 3 evil pigs have overly prepared themselves turning the hunter into the hunted.

The haymaker is the first evil pig youll meet think of him as a healer/medic supporting the sheep with lovely edible bails of healing hay or if he wants to be offensive he can shoot you with needles.

thats a brief summary rather complicated i know but this is really the first time i have tried to explain it to strangers :P

Somewhat proud of this drawing especially since i havnt really done anything for a month now, anyways i next plan to get it onto the computer and digitalising it.