Tuesday, 15 April 2014

update: wheres my motivation gone!?


Well my new years resolution is fading away...

Well frankly for the longest time, i was in a rather "depressed" state should wee say, creatively I wasnt happy with anything I was doing to the point i barely touched a pencil/pixel in a good month or so, plus still not being able to find an employee of any sort willing to hire me in the 10 or so months since I graduated has really not helped either.

So a week ago I decided, "the only thing in my power I can do right now is try and get as i want to be at drawing" so i have spent  a good hour or so each day sketching some doodles,

This was helped somewhat by reading scott pilgrim comics which i like the style heres my attempt:

( face,hand, female body constructions and general poses sketches available if you want to see these let me know, please)

So using what i learned i decided to create 3 characters from one of my favourite games of all time Super meat Boy.

I invested in getting a new tablet my other one had broken which I didnt worry about for a while due to pixel art not really requiring the precision of a graphics tablet.

(i will still be doing pixel art ofcourse just i feel getting my basics drawing skills up to scratch will overall improve all the other creative things I have wanted to do for a long time)

So anyways yeah back to the characters


sorry dont know why its rotating it back to portrait when i upload it =/

anyways so after i did these drawings i took them into photoshop

unhappy with dr fetus i did a resketch, i was happy with this until i realised the pose was all wrong.

latest sketch of him is better i think however his left hand may be sticking out too much

so here is super meat boy and bandage girl

What I Like - SMB

  1. Pose looks natural
  2. the colouring + shading although rather simple is rather effective.
  3. the left hands pose changed for the better than what it was like in sketch ( looking straight at it) i feel this adds to his pose and personality

What i Like - BG

  1. pose looks feminin and natural, i use to shy away from drawing girls as i was hopelessly bad at it
  2. the bandage effects
  3. Colouring + shading

what i dont like

  1. the line work is rather rough ( this is due to a lack of practice with using the graphics tablet)
  2. SMBs left hand with the thumbs up look odd.
  3. BGs lower leg looks odd
  4. more can be done to the texture of super meat boy to make him look like meat rather than just having red skin

I did the changes to bandage girls lower leg to make it look better. lengthened her thighs and fore shortened her calfs.

So, like I said Dr fetus got me into a bit of bother so dont have him digitalised yet so tune back later on to see that ( i would say tomorrow but i realise when i do that i more than likely dont get it done)

Anyways, thanks for reading i am hoping i can get back into the swing of things once more. (any feedback is welcome)

David M

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