Saturday, 17 August 2013

Graduation, job hunting and other stuff


I havn't posted in a while so though it was time to put up a wee update so whats happened since my last post...

Well I graduated and got a third class honors degree ( which I have had mixed feelings about since I got it) but im still happy with my final project.

So heres some pics of me graduating...

and here's my family and Angie celebrating after.. :P 

So it was all good fun, my 6 years overall of being a student were possibly the best 6 years of my life. Met a lot of really cool people that I hope that I remain in contact with.


I am now back home in Ayr, Job hunting and trying to keep myself busy. So, what are my plans...

  • Right now I have to make sure i am looking for jobs so that i can get money from the job centre
  • these jobs are mostly retail jobs as for career jobs, I would much rather have a portfolio for it (a better one that is)
  • doing anything to try inspire me to do some creative things that can hopefully be added to my portfolio/keep me sane.

So, this blog will prob change to pixel art stuff and I shall create a new blog just with videos/Art for my portfolio.

Lastly I have had an idea for a game in my head since 2nd year and i want it made and out there for people to play, so currently getting a team together in the hopes to begin work on it within the next 2 weeks or so, so will prob have another blog for that.

As alot of website out there tend to have limits to the amount of pictures you can have and stuff and i thought I might just aswell put it all in the blog, so shall keep you posted.

over and out


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