Sunday, 12 May 2013

Honours Project: Critic of final work.


So the past couple of weeks has been rather hectic but i have finaly managed to get my project done, so i thought it would be a good idea to have a final critic of my work.

So here is the final version of my project working on my timeline, apart from some memory crashes it works perfectly fine. 

so going to take this opportunity to thank Stuart howieson for making this possible and coding this for me to focus solely on my pixel art.

So, I am going to talk about each style and level individualy discussing what works and the bits that dont to well.

First up ~Vintage,

 planet - lvl1
 landscape - lvl2
character - lvl3

Vintage: Since it was created originally on early game consoles in the 70s and 80s everything was very basic 2 colours low resolutions and limited frames for animations as stated in my critical framework.

Since I am doing a more post modern approach to try update the style but still keeping its character I made some changes. i kept the colour pallette the same reminiscent of games like space invaders. I kept the frames relatively low in the animations until it came to the special,

However despite being rather limited in detail i think its still rather striking and nearly hypnotic. I think this is the simplistic nature of the style.

Planet - Lvl1
Landscape - lvl2
Character - Lvl3

Classic: The changes from vinatage to classic is that of colour how the resolutions and frames are still rather low. 

This makes the character more defined I deliberately made him/her hard to sex, this was because i wanted to keep it so that it was upto whomever who the character is. 

I would also point out i made an error i think i made the city part of landscape to detailed which made it a problem for later on.

Also feel the need to point out the reasons why the special is so over the top is because i wanted to show people in the most basic way why i am attached to pixel art it still has its unrealistic over the top childish nature things didnt really need explained people just went with it.

I think my approach to the classic style went rather well and represents the style well.


Retro: more colours gave characters and landscapes more detail and depth animations could also have more too them and the characters taking more of a resembelance to an actual person.

apart from some animation niggles that due to several reasons havnt been fixed, this style went rather well and you can see a step from the previous styles.

The crazyness of specials was toned down too, i like the arm changing at the initial flash his other arm annoys me and looks a bit abnormal.

Old School: The last original style before 3D started to become the new industry standard another step up in colours its most notably recognised however by the shading.

so yeah overall old school went relatively well however as you can see i was struggling to make the city really stand out however the nature side is progressing in each stage rather well.

last but not least stylised...

Stylised: Stylised is pixel art that is made with the complete freedom of colours and resolution. however usually the highest any pixel art goes is about 200x200 pixels anymore then it can be rather laborius and time consuming

unfotunately if i was going to be really honest despite the fact i like the general look of these styles some of it being the best pixel art i have done the animation has alot to be desired i was intending on fixing these but during one night of extreme tiredness i saved over the animation file and i hadnt the time enough to amend this.

however overall im extremely proud of what i managed to achieve in a rather short time it did feel like for the first half of this semester the world was out to get me but i have made it and genuinely looking forward to see what people make of it.

David M

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