Friday, 8 November 2013

Super meat boy fan art, pixel tree update, a new HDD and portfolio feedback

Hey guys, quickly just going to show you lot a couple of things to chat about,

So first up, I got a new hdd through amazon a couple of days back so expect to see the next timelapses of the wolf run cycle soon.

secondly, being a massive fan of team meats, super meat boy game I created a piece of fan art to show my love,

little horn sketch

little horn

little horn + dawn of the dead mash up

heres some footage of it to give you an idea of where i got my inspiration:

lastly the image is up for sale if you like it on my RB page for tshirts posters cards stickers or ipad cases :)

Pixel tree update

next up heres a little image to see the progress on my pixel tree idea, i have been playing alot of terraria recently since the new 1.2 update so its starting to influence me a wee bit.

pixel tree

pixel tree with slimes...

Lastly, you may remember me talking about 4j studios contacting me asking to see more stuff, well i didnt get the job but the lead artist David Keningale did however give me some ver good feedback on my portfolio and good words so all in all put a smile on my face despite not getting a job and has given me some much need motivation to get going and improving :) so stay tuned!

till then, laters potaters.

David M

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