Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Pixel scape update


So this is my piece of pixel art finished now...might update it later on but we shall see.

But time to move on to other things, I have started pose sketching again try get better at sketching people will hopefully help me improve my other works. ( especially that animation i have planned )

So, whats next...


I gotta get some more applications sent away, so that i can keep the job centre happy.. annoyingly writing applications over and over again seems to be a good way to make me want to not do anything for a while but hopefully i can still keep hold of my motivation after that...

and finally get the last bit of that wolf animation finished with (keep forgetting about that)

I also want to do some explosions and particle effects stuff so yeah... should be busy.

so keep an eye out for all that,

until then just you stay classy..

David M


  1. i love the way you do the sky dude.

    how long did this take? it would be awesome to see this on a much larger scale. wide-angle or something.

  2. haha thanks :)

    Dunno for definite.. prob 5-6hrs ...
    I was thinking of making it much larger...
    its heavily inspired from terraria was thinking of it representing all the different environments so it would go down all the way to hell and going across to show vaious above ground biomes like corruption hallowed snow jungle etc...

    ofcourse if you dont know terraria you wont have a clue what i am chatting about. :P