Monday, 21 October 2013

My first quadruped animation (pixel art) | PART 1

not finished
Hey guys,

Well today along with my sketches i decided to get back into animating to prepare myself for the short I am doing,

So, I chose to do a quadruped animation because its something I have never done before I have done a lot of human animations but nothing else really.

The above image I would say is about 25% complete maybe less, so how did I get to this stage then,


  1. the sketch so bellow is my initial sketch on paper which i then highlighted in pen to make it easier for the camera to pick out, you may ask why I didnt just sketch it straight onto he computer using a graphics tablet. well the truth is, I really don't like it I feel on the sketching stage I produce stuff much closer to what I had in my head and paper and pencil is just easier and more tactile for me.

2. After doing this I then made a rough pixel outline

3. cleaned the pixel line adding base colour and shading

4. started animating using run cycles of dogs as reference most notably this animation by Paul Robertson.

5. As I am right now on just the base poses of the wolf I am ignoring smaller details such as the hair and tail which i completely removed so i could focus completely on the legs.

so I am about 2 thirds of the way through my first pass, so this is 6 frames of a total of 9.

So hopefully I will have Part 1 on youtube tomorrow and will be working on the 2nd part :)

untill then, bye byeeee!


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