Friday, 25 October 2013

Quick update


So today I was just about to do my 10 30second sketches a day routine when I have realized my sketchbook has been filled.

So, my mission is to buy a new sketchbook of course, but I have decided for this new one i shall keep it more organised might buy multiple ones so i can have 1 for poses/30 second sketches (which I have decided I will post no matter how bad i think they are) and also one for tshirt designs or anything else that finds its way onto paper.

But yeah so other than that I have started a new pixel art landscape piece, I havnt gone back to my wolf just yet as my hard drive is full so I cant do anymore timelapses until my brand new hard drive gets delivered.

However part 2 should be up on my youtube channel by tonight.

pixel art landscape numero deux

Planning on making this into 4 different landscapes showing each season.

heres the timelapse for part 2 of my wolf animation dont think this one is as fun to watch but ahwells,

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