Saturday, 7 December 2013

Mackies Ice Cream - Mock Advert Banners/Creatives


I have been lucky enough to get an interview for a new startup company the vertical digital is an advertisement network company based in ayr.
the brief stasted that I needed create advertisement banners for mackies 3 new flavoured ice creams which are Succulant Strawberry, toffee fudge heaven and Lucious Velvety Chocolate. I also need to show that i know how to create html clickable images that link to a page. and this is where this blog comes in as I am unsure on how else I was to show this...

old packaging design

So heres the banners for each flavour....

 photo SSbanner_zps66783068.png  photo SSfilmstrip_zps8b60137b.png  photo SSportrait_zps0eb1656e.png  photo LVCbanner_zps967c82d2.png  photo LVCfilmstrip_zpsc2382831.png  photo LVCportrait_zps4837302a.png  photo TFHbanner_zpsc2c4fa65.png  photo TFHfilmstrip_zps0a1be224.png  photo TFHportrait_zps0a1c72ad.png


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