Friday, 3 January 2014

new year resolution: day 1


So thats us in 2014 now...

I haven't been posting much at all or doing much art work either, but I have been thinking about my life right now and I cant really say with an honest face that I am happy with where I am right now. So I thought my new year resolution should be..

"to be more creative"

rather vague sentence i know but I feel just being more creative is exactly what I need right now job hunting hasnt been particularly positive these past few months but I feel I can certainly start making the down time ( im currently in excess of right now ) into an advantage of mine.

I have been trying to be creative but I can feel totally uninspired to do so, so instead of giving me loooads of little projects to do and overwhelm myself I have instead decided to focus at minimum an hour a day on doing something towards my game idea.

The game idea has been mentioned on my blog before, but trying to get my friend in to be my programmer is proving a lot more difficult than first anticipated, so instead i am just going to do various art assets and such for the game and just take it from there...

The haymaker (sorry blogger seems to want to upload it sideways )

Basicaly the game is somewhat of a roguelite towerdefense game where players build defenses etc to ward of waves of attacking sheep.

the player plays as a wolf who is hungry and attacks the farm only to find out that the 3 evil pigs have overly prepared themselves turning the hunter into the hunted.

The haymaker is the first evil pig youll meet think of him as a healer/medic supporting the sheep with lovely edible bails of healing hay or if he wants to be offensive he can shoot you with needles.

thats a brief summary rather complicated i know but this is really the first time i have tried to explain it to strangers :P

Somewhat proud of this drawing especially since i havnt really done anything for a month now, anyways i next plan to get it onto the computer and digitalising it.

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