Sunday, 5 January 2014

game art assets : Day 3

So here is what i got up to for day three...

As you can see hes changed quite a bit from yesterdays.. (here it is again in case you have forgotten)

so heres the changes...

  1. Head - hes balder now, i did this as i fel there was too much brown in the scene and felt he looked a bit "anime" i also added a little headband in to show you what kind of class he is (healer) ... this is the sort of band military forces wear around their arms.
  2. his right arm - I moved the weapon in a bit as the angle didnt look right i also added a glove
  3. his left arm - made the gun look a bit more interesting by added a few more details and added some rust
  4. Shading - I added a darker shade to give him a bit more depth as some of his folds and limbs were blending into himself.

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