Monday, 20 January 2014

Game art assets day 12 : rarity design

Hello everyone,

So what have I been doing over the passed couple of days?

Well lets start of with the items, I have been writing out what could be considered as a design document along side it like I said I would so i know roughly how many unique items there are (the stats an abillities of these items are more than likely change over time but for now I have got them to do what i want them to do.

mushroom : changed the glowing effect behind it a wee bit...
freeze: new
tornado : changed to fit the style of the other items

I havnt really decided what i am going to do with tidal wave yet, i have an image in my head of how it should look but cant seem to get it down on paper yet.

Anyways after that I decided to do some alterations to the design of each card so players know how rare they are...

so red are rare, meaning at max in the entire item deck will have 2 duplicates but more likely it will be the only one in the deck.

orange are uncommon, each item can have anything from 3 - 4 duplicates

and green are common and can have 5+ duplicates of the item...

I am toying with the idea that the common cards although are duplicates hold the same stats but can have additional stats such as a rusty handgun same damage but the player has to roll a dice if its a 1 the gun jams or brakes.

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