Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Game art assets day 10 : meat card and hearthstone

Hello guys,

Well I have a confession to make, I havnt been doing much arty shizz for the past 2 days all thanks to blizzard letting me into the hearthstone beta.

Which is awfully good get it checked out if you havnt done so already.

anyways what i have done ever is the design for meat decks and fixed somethings with the item decks..

So yeah the layouts changed a wee bit, basically the card now displays how many turns/rounds you can use the weapon , this rpg for example can be used once.

I also have added under the RPG title a subtitle so people know what item it is, from weapons, consumables and constructions.

i also started designing the meat cards..

The reason why the numbers arnt in the corner as I am working from a template which needs a border for catting.

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