Thursday, 9 January 2014

Game Art assests : Day 6&7 card layout and item images

Hello people,

So yesterday and today i took a break from the haymaker and started planning out the card layout etc...

card layout

  • Background - wooden like a crate ( in the ipad version I always imagined the weapons etc would fall down in crates ( like worms ) so I felt that would be fitting for the background of the cards
  • Title Box - the title box at the top of the card is where the name of the item will be e.g. shotgun. the colour i was thinking represents the rarity of the card - green = common, orange - uncommon - red - rare. also thinking of making this box just the picture of the item sitting on a rack or on a chelf as if its a store. this will also display the damage, health of the item
  • Description - this is where the item is explained more in depth,
  • the other 2 number boxes are the items cost and selling price.

anyways i started work on the items that you can buy and heres an image of 13 i have done so far

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