Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Concept Development: 3D failings

today/tonight was another day of rhings not going to plan,

Despite what supervisors have told me I decided to do a texture on a properly modeled character, however i do have reasons for doing this. Mainly I wanted to see if a pixel art texture would work on a character as it looked interesting when I smoothed off the minecraft block I did before,

This interested me mainly because the 3d pixel/voxol games like minecraft or 3D Dot Game Heroes are still angular and basic but this cube gave me the idea that maybe the model doesnt have to be angular for the pixel texture to work...


Since my falling out with maya the other day, i didnt want to model my own character and UV it as that would take me time so I borrowed Valves Heavy model from the game team fortress 2 of which they allow all steam users to borrow and play about with.

I chose the heavy mainly because hes bigger and the most sqaure out of all the characters and hes my favourite, in design anyways. 

I got as far as having a basic texture on the vest only,

My problem with it (other than it being messy right now) is I dont think pixel art suits the style of the character, which isnt too surprising since Valve had no intention of pixelating them (sorry valve) I might come back to it later depending on how things go.

I did find these videos though,

Minecraft parody of the popular gangnam style song by PSY


Minecraft parody of paradise by Coldplay

I liked these because although they are using the original models of the ones in the game, they are rigged and geometry to give them more complicated animations.

which has given me the idea of doing something similar but with slight more complicated models. However this will lead to me having to model them myself.

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