Friday, 30 November 2012

Meeting With: Ryan Locke #2


Just a quick blog update of my first proper meeting with my supervisor,

So yesterday we had  a meeting, I had written down an agenda as to what to talk about, These being:

  1. Project Proposal
  2. Blog Grouping
  3. Ethics Sheet
So my project proposal as quoted by Ryan, "Is like a cracked pavement, you can walk on it but you have to mind your step" 

As my 2nd or so draft of it I take it as a positive. He says im pretty much their just need to fill in the cracks with more references etc. 

also got to clear up what it is you reference, and that is pretty much everything that is related/helped you into writing your proposal which is a relief as I have alot of references just not many I could actually quote from.

as to my 2nd query:

I need to talk to lynn or brian about that as he isnt too sure.

Ethics sheet, I was considering in doing a questionaire to see what other people think when they see pixel art. I feel this would help me solidify that my project has some value to gamers experiance. 

Anyway its a good start my proposal is at about there:

abstratction: leaving that tiill the end
Introduction: 568/500 words, give or take and pretty much fully referenced and structured only the aim and objective need to be re worded and fixed
Contextual/literature review: 1193/1500
Methodology: 109/500 this is probably the section that needs more work to it.
Conclusion: leaving that untill i have completed my contextual review

Anyways thats me for today,

David M

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