Sunday, 18 November 2012

Something: notes project proposal progress

Hello, not sure what to head this blog entry as...

Well unfortunately it is another annoying wall of text entry for you to read.

Finally think I  have made significant headway into this whole Proposal nonsense decided to rewatch the pixel art documentary i posted up before but make notes from it take interesting quotes etc. its good to know other people out there have the same opinion as me on pixel art, and the video says most of the things in my head that I couldnt get quite coherent enough for anyone else to understand.

other things its made me realise and need to look into

  • mosaics
  • tapestry
The parallels pixel art has with its music cousin chiptune and the similarities between the two how that chiptune is considered as a backlash to the ultra clean ultra processed glossy electronic music and that pixel art could be considered a backlash to the super realistic focused game industry however chiptune seems to be more widely accepted and mainstream in its respective industry whilst pixel art still considered as crude.

also, got a good quote from a book "understanding comics by Scott McCloud" talking about the benfits of abstraction over realism.

anyways thats me for now should hopefully have my first full draft done by the end of this which al send to one of my lecturers..


David M

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