Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Meeting With: Ryan Locke


So yesterday I finally managed to get a meeting with Ryan who turns out is also my supervisor for my project.

The meeting went well I managed to clear up a few of the questions he had for me after my presentation which I feel helped alot in him catching upto where I am at.

Essentially what we did was throw ideas and such at each other to get the ball bouncing and just told each other what we knew about pixel art and why we like it.

Because of this I didnt manage to take down as much notes as I was hoping but I did try to get down the more important points, which are:

Abstraction - What is it? Is pixel art abstract art, if so how can we prove it? Why are we attracted to it?

Nostalgia - What is it? why do people feel its important and have to replicate it?

Why are humans attracted to the building blocks of things we played with lego to create houses, scientists discovered the cells, DNA etc. there has always been an interest in discovering the building blocks to things, can that be related to the attraction to using pixel art?

symbolism, semiotics

there was also an article that ryan unfortunately forgotten the name of but it was "connecting: Abstraction and applied meaning" or something along those lines, If i find that and be able to fit pixel art in somewhere It should help me a great deal :)

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