Thursday, 22 November 2012

Pre-Production Portfolio: skyscraper test part 1


I am not sure actually what this goes under (yet) but right now i think its close to a pre-production.

So what have I been upto? Well aside from slaving away at my proposal  (2000/3000 words) I have decided to do a little more practical.

The idea

Well, I want to do a pixel art animation that looks 2D but is actually 3D, the sequence I have chosen is a truck crashing into a skyscraper which came from a midnight think before bed and a chat with my flatmate.

The animation is not going to be too long, 30 seconds at max. 

The camera is going to have to rotate to show that the animation is 3D.


Well I havnt gotten far, thanks to my computer crashing, but I have finished off the skyscraper (near enough) heres the 3D model for you to have a look.

How'd you do that?

Simple really, but I shall go more in depth for you.

As you may have read before (if not go look, i'll be waiting) I have textured 2 cubes, 1 looked like Fez and the other looked like Minecraft. I also decided to get really ambitious and try and texture a team fortress 2 model but failed miserably.

So This is why I chose a skyscraper and a truck they are both fairly rectangular.

I then used the same technique as my minecraft cube, but blew it up from 512x512 to 1024x1024.. However I seem to have made a catastrophic Pixel Art error that I have only just realised.

I appear to have made the rookie mistake of accidently forgetting to tick maintain hard edges on the scaling up.

Not to sure how to fix that!

Well i was going to take close ups of each part so you could see what was going on, on a pixel level but that would be kinda pointless now since everything been AA'd and blurred out...

Well thats something im going to have to make sure i dont do for the truck...

Hopefull i find a way to fix this and upload a new one tomorrow.

Typical, well that was a real downer to thee old moral, ahwells

till tomorrow,
     David M


  1. Looks awesome dude. Especially like the explosion on the side of the building. Could look cool to see a bunch of different sized cubes scattered around the floor next to the building (to represent parts of the building that have been blown off.) when this is placed into an environment perhaps. (will you be using different sizes? I know 2D pixel art tends to use one size of square for most things.) Cool work either way.

    1. cheers man :) yeah the skyscraper will be in an environment etc, not sure how exactly I am going to do the explosion was thinking of making it 2D but if ai put in the 3D bricks getting blown off will help add depth?.. Yeah its the general rule of thumb but sometimes you have too. But cheers for the feedback bruv :)