Sunday, 4 November 2012

Meeting With: Lynn Parker #4 & Concept Development: 3D me


Well on Wednesday I had another meeting with Lynn and it went pretty well,

I have managed to make somewhat of a start on my proposal and she went over with me what I could possibly talk about and how to structure it. We also talked about my practical stuff worryingly we realised most of the things I have done is for my personal development rather than what i thought was my concept devlopment which has me worried also that next week is crit week so should have alot of new stuff to show =/ time has sure flown past *gulp*


Think I am slowly climbing out of the rut i was in and feel more on track just gotta have stuff to show for my presentation.


So after that i made a start on my 3D pixel test, its not finished I dont think I want to do something 3D anymore but thats yet to be decided.

So here I am in my untextured form, the bit i am not happy with is when I went to mirror the geometry I had to delete intersecting ploys this then created a hole, I have no idea how this happened as i was being careful when i was modelling. this irritated me quite a bit.

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