Friday, 23 November 2012

Pre-Production Portfolio: Skyscraper and truck Part 2


Well firstly you may (or not) have noticed that my skyscraper has changed and looks less blurry, I used a 'Sharpen' Filter in photoshop to recover the lost pixels in the Anti-aillising. however this has made some of there lines get coloured oddly which will needs further fixing, but its better than what i originally posted. So I shall re edit that post with what i was intending to talk about after its been completely finished.

I was intending on creating timelapse videos for these but I cant get VLC to work anymore and my computer is enjoying crashing on me.

So, today my next part in my little project is to create the truck, 

So, thats the finished model.

I am thinking of creating different models for the crashes as it gets deformed by the explosion.

Anyway, I enjoyed this part, pixel art is great for making sure things align properly, I am starting to realise why most 3D pixel art has basic geometry suits the style perfectly, however I am still adiment that I can find my own style so I dont just get told I am cloning minecraft or whatever.

Anyways next up will be making the street, might do alternate skyscraper textures to make the environment look more varied.

but yeah going to try get VLC working for the next parts as I really found it helpful to look back and examine my own technique.

Anyways hope you like,

     David M

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