Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Honours Project: stylised character

Hey guys..

So i had a meeting with ryan today to show what i have done and things went pretty positively he liked what i had and thought everything was more interesting

when we were discussing if i had time to do animations and everything for every style and at every level we thought this might not be realistic.

However today i have been working on the more modern day style of pixel art.

using the character i showed in the last post i imagined what he may look like with more pixels and colours,

So here he is in all his glory, I think he looks pretty damn cool, the amount i have improved this year in my technique and pixel art is crazy.

first attempt
second attempt

as i am sure you will agree this guys far more eyecatching to look its funny looking back as i never thought i improved that much. but anyways think i shall show how i made him?

first up using the umage of the character from vintage i took some key aspects such as his squarish figure and simplistic design such as his arms and legs and tried to make it more eyecatching by adding hair and other accessories.

after this I went over the rough sketch in pen and scanned it in.

I then coloured him in and made various changes to see what would best suit him

after that i scaled down the image to a more suitable resolution for pixel art at 200x200 pixels

I then went over the original outline to make a pixel art outline eliminating jaggies to make the character more clean.

basic colours were then added

highlighting and shadows followed. since this is an individual pece to make it more interesting i added in a ground for him to stand on and a basic sky gradiant.

however this brings a rather big problem since this character is more complex it will make me animating him more time consuming something of which im running really low on right now.. so i am not sure how to do this if he animates atall and is just idling ( moving up and down from respiraion and hair blowing in the wind) but yeah panic stations i have so much stuff to still to do so some clever shortcutts will have to be found to make my life easier.

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