Sunday, 14 April 2013

Supervisor meeting diary: 11/04/13

This was a different meeting from the usual, as it was a group meeting with other 4th year students and ryan discussing our dissertations. next week meetings will be back to normal and I shall back to having an agenda written out but for this week I didnt think we had too since the agenda was already decided.


Ryan selected Laura to be the unlucky one to read my dissertation. however it sounded from the feedback she gave at the end that it isnt going as bad as i thought in my head (despite the lack of a few things like a case study) she seemed to understand what my dissertation was talking about which was a relief. so thanks laura.

So basically i have been getting my head down on my case study.. i started one earlier on in the year but my aim may have changed to much to make it relevant anymore so im adapting/rewriting that and my critical framework (thankfully my framework was going down the same road as my aim so it shouldnt be to hard to alter) to coincide with the change of the aim.

however i feel unsure what to exactly talk about with my case study got so far as 356 words and have hit a brick wall. =/

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