Friday, 26 April 2013

honours project : sylised levels

So heres what i have done the previous two days,

been getting both levels done or close to finish for the stylised section, this along with Hybrid will prob take me the longest time so i thought it would be good getting it done ASAP.

so yeah pictures to the FACE!!

So leading on from my previous post of the pixelboy or level 3 in the stylised stage, i got to adding animation along with a little change to his appearance

Lvl 3 - Close up

So first up the grass ball has a face, i did this because i wanted the spritesheet to be more visually appealing and since the idle animation for the boy was only at 2 frames i thought i would do something else.

so heres it all moving

Ok for some reason bloggers having a hard time with this animation and the first frame of the boy seems to stick but i can assure you that isnt the case.

I understand the grass ball's yawn could do with more frames to make it look more fluid. but photoshop is a fiddly so and so when it comes to animation and i didnt want to spend more time on him (i might go back later) but im on a strict schedule so that i can get this done on time so i couldnt hang around..

this leads onto level 2 stuffs...

Level 2: stylised landscape

Stylised level 2 : sprite sheet level 2

so yeah details of the trees is more defined i put in some animation to make it more pleasing to look at.

but yeah took me a while to get the general look I didnt want to go as high resolution as i did for the boy because there was too much to do. im perticularly impressed with the trees the detail in the bush worked out pretty damn well..

the city side is more dynamic mainly becuase i thought it was rather simplistic so wanted to jazz it up a bit.

so along with these and my space level,

level 1 space

thats all the levels from stylised ready (missing a few things here and there ofocurse)

so thats what i have for today, what do you all think.. drop a comment and leave some feedback please :D

Honors Checklist

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  1. awesome. i really like the sky in the "level 2 stylised landscape" - the way the pattern blends the blues.

    the brick and tree animations look very professional aswell :)