Sunday, 14 April 2013

Honours Project: progress update


My my my not posted anything for a while not good atall.

So yes I havn't vanished, and still working away on my pixel art stuff.

So last time I was talking about how ryan wanted to see how i would display my timeline.. Unhappy with the presentation powerpoint feel that timelines gave i wanted mine to be more interesting and interact with the user in some way.

I am terrible with coding however and although I could have probably struggled and conjured up something in flash. I got chatting with a coding chum over a few pints and the subject inevitably came up about my project, anyways one thing lead to another and he agreed to do all the coding for it, this would be awesome as it would save me a ton of time doing something i really don't like and put my attention to the project/dissertation writing. also with the added opertunity of being able to get my stuff on my ipad which would be great another screen for people to see my stuff at the exposition.

So a big thank you to Stuart howieson for helping me out,

so now that i have someone else i thought it would be a great idea to sketch out what i wanted and explain everything so that he could then code everything. Then everytime i complete something we can just add it in with no problems.

basic layout (of how i see it looking a at the last stage)
the dotted arrows represent being able to drag/click drag in that direction to see other planets (however this depends entirely on whether or not i have the time)
each star represents a different style click/tap on one and the style will switch to the one you selected.
second image is the story board

  • title screen just says pixel art style my name or some baws (might have some animation depending on time) but we will see just tap and then...
  • KERBLAMO! transition to the first vase is that of an explosion "big bang if you will"
  • vintage style: clickable stars will pulse or something when you hover of them they will say which style it will change it too so at this stage theyll only be two clickable stars vintage ( the one we are in now) and classic the next stage click/tap on it then a cool animation or something will happen...
  • classic style: same but theres now a new clickable star ... 

  • i was thinking that you could click the planet or something and that will show like the creative process of each style or more things like characters or something but i dont think al have the time for that atall.
    So i have also been quickly knocking up some images of each style:

    I appear to have misplaced the other styles that i have done my apologies i shall edit them in when i find them.

    Quick 3D mock up still more detail needs to be added

    volcano with toon shading on

    volcano Texture simplistic

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