Saturday, 27 April 2013

Honours Project: Classic level 3 and the abduction of hybrid

Hello again,

So today was a rather slow day which begun with what could be considered a fail....

So I shall start with the bad,

So in my calender I had these 3 days to get my 3D pixel art 'Hybrid' style stuff done, however 7 hours into the day and I had made or atleast felt like I had made no real dent into the first level of the style, this led onto the consideration in negating the style from my project altogether so i shall discuss why in greater detail....

(this section could probably be considered personal developement)

So in the first level (space) I was wanting the planet to revolve, which would be a very easy and obvious way of showing the third dimension.

I finally managed to figure out 3ds maxs toon shading nad getting it implemented so that the render would render out a rough outline of 1 pixel thick. (instead of having to put one in completely by hand)

this saved me (some) time i think however the outline still needed cleaned up and textures needed to still be fixed pre rendered, I was trying to find a good medium between a really fast jerky turn around and a super smooth turn around and ended up with 24 however at about quarter of the way through endlessly zooming in and fixing an outline just because it moved a pixel or so from the previous line was taking far too much time for no reward.

Now this time could be used to make other styles better for example the stylised levels animations more fluid, 

I am not ethusiastic as being a 3D artist so i dont see it being dentrimental to me in the future, and hybrid can stay as a part of my dissertation to look into further.

I have emailed ryan to hear what he thinks hopefully he agrees, it would be nice being able to focus on other styles more and doing something that enjoy i think Hybrid style alone would be too much to get done in the 2 or so weeks untill submission...


So moving on... I got to work at doing the levels for the Classic style.

Classics main advancement over vintage is the inclusion of more colours and this is the bit that i wanted to show in my levels.

level 3 - spritesheet

Original size: 16x16 special (64x64)





So along with more detail added to the character i added more detail into the animations, most notably the hair.

as always if you got something to say about anything in this post feel free to leave a comment...

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