Sunday, 14 April 2013

Personal Development Portfolio: more sketches part.1


I have also been keeping up with my sketching, and trying to further improve my pixel art. I decided to take the longer method and reteach myself things that i may forget. since im doing this very thoroughly so it will take a few posts..

so first up is the sketch to outline,

I had this in my head for a while ever since I seen the last episode of walking dead so i thought i should do it for my personal project and get all the zombie madness out of my head..

once happy with the sketch i went over it in pen to make it easier for the scanner to pick up

as you can maybe see the setting changed from the initial sketch, which had you peering through the hole of a zombies body but i thought that made no sense since daryl doesnt have a gun.

so opted with the mood in the background... next up will be converting this into a pixel art drawing

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