Monday, 22 April 2013

honours project: Vintage style and other developements


So after a seriously stressed out week i think i have managed to get a grasp of things and pull myself together, Ryan wasnt to impressed with what i had to show but i intend to change that for my meeting this wednesday.

So Ryan suggested that i made a checklist for each stage in my timeline, so heres what i have so far:

Space: is a picture of the planet, zooming in and you will reveal an environment

landscape: you can pan and explore the environment in that style

close up: zoom in further and youll see individual characters vehicles etc. im not exactly sure how best to display this just yet i have a few ideas.

Placer: is indication that the artwork is done but might do with a bit more work done but for now its good.


So i shall show you the first style i have done, so things i kept in mind for vintage:

Colour: the colour pallette is white and or green on a black bacground reasonably low resolution 

this is my interpretation of the style so wont use the exact restrictions as I didnt want to limit myself too much.

level 1 - Space

level 2 - landscape(w/animation)

Decided to add in an enlarged so you can see it a bit better unfotunately though that means bloggers AA has blurred them too.

Level 3 - Character (idle,jump,run,punch,punch2,punchspecial)

so yeah a good work sesh today right? if you read this post please leave me feedback :D

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  1. Hey David I like what you have ,However Feedback wise there is one area that i noticed which id like to make sure you intended to happen.

    The fourth image thats animated between, Space 1 and level 2 - landscape(w/animation) The two buildings on the right Shift to the left as if breaking, compared to the others which stay the same, Was this intentional?