Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Honours Project & Personal developement: environment development Improved texture quality


Well today I have been doing more of my 3D stuff,

So first off we will start in the beginning with my skyscraper and truck,

So as you can see if you zoom in the model the textures are blurry, I thought this was just due to the texture size and the higher the texture the crisper the image would be.

However this was not the case the texture on this is a resolution of 2048x2048 which is a massive texture (thankfully my pc can handle it perfectly fine) but this would not do,

So i went to google and searched for answers...

I came across this post from a forum,

In summary this was a method to produce crisp textures etc by playing about with the texture & render settings but in 3Dsmax i needed similar options in maya..

further research brought me to making these setting changes:

  • Switch off AA 
  • In your texture settings in the file attributes turning the filter off in the filter type option
  • Change your hardware texturing settings and set the texture filter to nearest (unfiltered)

This makes your texturing crisp, 

Like so,

This is zoomed right into the trucks headlights,

After that I started to texture my environment,

so apart from a few areas the texture is ok (not too happy with the leaves might need more detail)
you may notice that if you zoom into the tree model it still blurs, that just seems to be something to do with not supporting it, not sure.

Anyways, im going to look into getting my pixel art onto 3d models more effectively now that i can see its definitely possible, also get a nice pixely outline around my models

EDIT: ok I have found out you can also turn it on in the P3D settings haha, i kept it off for the truck just so you can see the difference

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