Friday, 1 February 2013

Critical Framework 2.0: New update


Well after my meeting with Ryan I wanted to get one of my action points done so I wanted to have a revision of my critical framework.

So i shall explain,

each game is scored on 3 different aspects if its classic stylised or realism

green box indicates what of the 3 styles the category falls in which earns that style a point, half way boxes are a half point to each of the 2 surrounding styles.

Then there is the last section the Aesthetic and nostalgia box.

if the game uses refrences to old games runs on an old console then the green box will be placed towards the nostalgic side and vice versa for the aesthetics

charts will be made to make the outcomes more visually apparent and easier to recognize

there also a section for if a game uses 2D/3D this has no effect on the overall score though

Each game/image etc has accompanying notes discussing positions.

Passage Notes:

Passage uses a low resolution and colour count so it can run on an Atari 2600 since the resolution is so low there is no outline, AA or more complicated shading techniques. Because of these reasons the style of pixel art could be considered as Classic and appeal more towards Nostalgia.

Violent Storm Notes:

Violent Storm uses a low resolution and lots of bright contrasting colours to make it stand out characters alone would be too much for old consoles to run, the use of a bold outline etc give the image a stylised and aestheticaly pleasing look.

Robots Notes:

Robots Imagery focuses on the realism fine detail in the texturing of the objects and characters and use of AA to give the impression of smooth corners this sperates it entirely from its gaming routes. Because of this its more focusing towards the aesthetics

crical framework charts&notes:

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