Sunday, 10 February 2013

Personal Development Portfolio: 3D Pixel art character


So following on from my previous attempt I decided to try touching up my renders in photoshop, with flat colour textures.

I wanted to move away from the lorry and try with something thats flat textures and a bit more complicated like a character.

Not wanting to spend my time with modelling etc, I decided to go with a model from team fortress, following from my previous attempt:

reasons behind this is they are already modelled and uvd and textured with a flat colour cell shaded texture.

So yeah using the rendering methods stated in the previous post i rendered out the model at 128x128 pixels

As you can see by the enlarged image unfortunately i havnt snuffed out AA completely. However I sorted this as best i could and gave the image an outlines and added highlights and shading.

As you can see this gives a 3D model a pixel art look.... couple of issues:

  1. the model is still more complicated than necessary.
  2. more time will be saved when i find a way to get rid of the AA in my renders completely

So next up would be model my own simpler character and possibly a spritesheet/model rotation animation. something like this from,

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