Thursday, 7 February 2013

Personal Development Portfolio: Explosion


Well today I wasn't really up for doing some 3D stuff and wanted to animate something,

This ended up me doing an explosion, heres the gif:

original size

In second year for my animation module i created this short animation:

I was really happy with how it worked out made it worth the 6 hours to draw/animate.. one bit i wasnt too happy was with the initial explosion.

needed more "punch" 

I really like this animation by Ryan woodward,

I really liked the explosion it looked kinetic and smooth, so i used the first part of the explosion to use as reference,

Anyways back to my explosion, i think it went well but the smokes flash too much between each frame... this was a mistake on my behalf and if i organised my frames properly.

anyways, thats my explosion

David M

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