Monday, 18 February 2013

Presentation: Evaluation


So I had my pitch on friday the the 15th and it seemed to be reasonably good I managed to keep my nerves somewhat in check (think the darkness of the HMC helped)

I think, I may have brushed over somethings to quickly ( i always  keep notes of things i want to say but only actually remember to say 2 out of 5 notes )

however when it came to feedback,

Ryan, was quiet which I dont know whether that can be considered a good or bad thing he is my supervisor so i thought he would have said something, I thought he would be rather impressed to see that i have found a relatively effective way to make 3D pixel art considering he was rather ethusiastic about the stuff i showed him at one of our presentations.

Lynn, seemed to be rather happy with what i discussed i didnt get nothing rather negative, she did talk about how i could make something of pixel art that isnt focused on games yet still get people to react all warm and fuzzy as if they had seen something from their past that they enjoyed.

Robin, liked my rather personal opinion on why i think pixel art holds value to us, and thats of it abillity to not feel outdated games still look good because they arnt trying to be anything else, whilst realism games age badly because they are trying to be realistic yet get succeeded by better more realistic looking games when superior technology is used.

(i shall post up a more detailed post later on to explain this )

unfortunately for this presentation i thought it would be a good idea to record my presentation on my phone so i didnt have to take notes of the feedback (since im hopeless at it) unfortunately the recorder on my phone had a hard time picking up lynn and robin and couldnt pick up what brian said atall.

In my next presentation i will prob leave my phone up nearer to where the lecturers are rather than bringing it down with me.

David M

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