Saturday, 9 February 2013

Personal Development: 3D Pixel art progress


So I have made further progress in making my 3D models render more like pixel art,

Following on from that thread posted on polycount I have been playing with my render settings to achieve pixel art rather than making Pixel art textures and leaving it at that. Problem with this is that it didn't look like pixel art to me.


This is how my stuff looked originally.

Top : Pixel Art render techniques on
Bottom : original model

So this is whats changed along with the alterations made on the texture filter etc I have reduced the render resolution, added an outline and turned down the AA as much as I can.

The pixel art looks far better however there is a few issues,

  1. The pixel art texture may now be too complicated
  2. The AA is still on this is what is making the strange jaggies most notably on the lettering.

So, possible fixes, I could give the texture flat colours then doctor each render image to add detail etc advantages of this is i could add more detail in the model disadvantage is having to doctor each frame ( for a simple turnaround animation that would be like 255 frames. Finding a way to get rid of AA completely would help greatly and there has to be an option in there somewhere.

However, with all this editing and altering after render I dont see this working in say a game engine, however im not giving up yet and will prob work on this method further to see if I can improve my results.


AA has been improved upon in render,

As you can see the texture has came out better less jaggies or what i have started to call them 'teeth' on the letters etc has been significantly reduced however the ones that are there can be removed due to the positioning of the camera. annoyingly the outline still gets AA no matter what i do it appears. this could be sorted by removing it then doing it in the Post render stages. however this might increase the time, it would take.

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