Monday, 25 February 2013

Personal Development: animjam2013


So its been a while that i made a post due to being relatively busy going back and forth to my hometown for my birthday and coming down with some sort of illness.

Now however I am starting to recover and feeling more ready to get back into things, I received my marks last week aswell for last semester and I have to be honest and say I am really not happy with my marks atall feels like I put in alot of effort for no reward. Which has had a huge negative impact on my workflow. which I am aware I will need to find a way to get myself back into the swing of things, planning on it being the main focus with my meeting with Ryan on Thursday, also hopefully when we get our feedback sometime this week , I can go talk to Brian and Lynn to talk about why I was marked (what i feel) so harshly.

Anyways back to a more postive side of things, today i managed to get my animation that i made on the 15th - 17th in Abertays first Animation Jam,

we had 48 hours to conceptualize and create from scratch a short animation with a theme "a pleasant surprise".

As a one man team I decided to make my game in the style of retro 2d pixel art most notably the Gameboy aesthetic.

However since it was just me to make everything alot of shortcuts were made to simplify the story and animation to make it possible for me to get finished in the time constrainst given.

Thats what i was left with,

Due to tiredness I forgot to turn up the quality when exporting so thats why it is all wobbly/shaking and has the black boxes at each side. but i guess in a way it works with the retro aesthetic of the animation.

I dunno if i like it though, think im getting to critical about my work...

let me know what you think, would you like to see more animation base pixel art or do you think it should stick within the relms of games?

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  1. I wish i'd had the time to do the animation Jam, some nice stuff appearing because of it. for the amount of time you had it's turned out quite nicely. Good job =]. I think being critical of your own work is good, but only if you're identifying exactly what it is about the work that needs to be improved so you know for next time instead of just not being happy and demoralizing yourself. What exactly don't you like about it?

    When it comes to the sticking to games or not i guess that depends on what your aim and objectives are. Animations for games have a completely different set of limitations that animation shorts or films and if you've been gearing up to game animation switching might be a bad idea. Hope this helps =]