Thursday, 28 February 2013

Supervisor Meeting Diary: 28/02/13


So been a busy week for me after recovering from the cold, i have also became deaf in my left ear and it hurts from time to time. Also celebrated my 23rd birthday party on tuesday so that was fun and pretty hectic.

But now things have settled down and the realistation of hand ins has came crashing down on me and now i am in a state of panic.



Today I had a meeting with Ryan which was good, we talked about my results and what i was planning to do for my final project.

We came to the conclusion that the reason why I am struggling so much is that I am still not sure what i am doing.

so here is my meeting agenda:

  • presentation ( since we couldnt meet up the week after my presentation and i had some questions to ask about it i wanted to discuss things then )
  • Semester 1 results: damaged my motivation and im struggling to inspire myself to do work

Agreed action points

after discussing the agenda we came up with a few but very important things for me to do,

  1. Get an idea for the final project
  2. Conceptualise that idea to show to Ryan  on 07/04/13
  3. Tell Ryan, Why are you doing the project and how are you going to do it

Also as a side project i keep laying it off but i MUST make a start on this dissertation by the end of this week i plan to have it blocked out at least

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