Friday, 8 March 2013

Honours Project: Timeline concept


Well after the meeting i had with Ryan i decided to make way at conceptualising the timeline idea enough for my presentation next week.

Using images of games and stuff i used this to distinguish each styles etc this is what the general idea is:


so this is representing the introduction of certain styles,

Pong being extremely low rez with 2 colours then it ramps up from there, however my timeline will have ofcourse my own art work and animations and things will be alot more lively than just this, just did it to visualise how it could work since this isnt representative of the time the games were made but when styles were introduced for example Passage (see Fig.2) was created in 2007 but would probably stylewise fit more in line near pacman (see Fig.3) instead.

Passage - Fig.2

Pacman - Fig.3

Its going to be quite a project i have to say (wish it came to me alot earlier) so going to get my head down and conceptualize what i am going to do and how im going to get it to flow.

David M

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