Sunday, 24 March 2013

Supervisor meeting diary: 21/03/13


So on thursday i had another meeting with my supervisor,

We discussed my presentation mainly the fact that the aim will need to change to fit the project, so my aim was:

"Does pixel art bring more to games other than the percieved nostalgic value"

so i feel like its changing towards something more like,

"Explore the aesthetic characteristics of different pixel art eras and showcase each method in some sort of pixel art"

so my agreed action points are

  1. stop being lazy: this is probably my biggest problem right now, due to illnesses my immune system seems to have vanished recently as just as i recover for one thing a new illness appears. however like what ryan was saying to me at the meeting that even though they are legit excuses i cant keep letting them hold me back.
  2. Research timelines how have they been done and what can i learn from them - dtyle presentation

also got these images of a timeline from a book,

Timelines from Dictionary of Graphic design and designers by Thames and Hudson

rather boring timelines if you ask me but still a good starting point that i will look into.

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