Thursday, 7 March 2013

Personal Development Portfolio: Qwertee TShirt Design

Well some of you may have heard of the tshirt selling website Qwertee, where budding designers upload their designs and through voting and Qwertees judges and alot of luck their designs might eventually be printed and sold for 1-2 days.

I originally had account with Qwertee just to buy awesome designs. But yesterday I randomly just wanted to add my own design for a bit of fun, I have never really done something like this before and thought it would be interested to see what people thought of my work.

So this is what i was left with,

its a portrayal of 3 of my favourite indie games, super meat boy, Bit.Trip and VVVVVV. Two of which are pixel art games and the other has a hidden pixel art modes.

I notice commander Video has been squished when putting him on the shirt but if i am lucky and my tshirt design gets printed then you have to send them your design anyways so i can fix it for that :)

anyways, if you like it too or just feeling nice and want to support my tshirt then heres the link: 

just click on the wee submit vote button on the right ( you may have to register to the site but i cant remember )

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