Thursday, 7 March 2013

Supervisor Meeting Diary: 07/03/13


Another week and another meeting with my supervisor,

Today was a far more upbeat meeting than my last, i feel i was more confident in what i was saying which i think reassured Ryan.

My previous post was on my 3 project ideas, showcase being the one i went through with mentioning to Ryan.

We came to the consensus that the Showcase would be a good idea but that i needed to find a better way to show it, we discussed possible more meaningful ways of portraying this showcase,

A Timeline of pixel art era: the birth death and resurgance

This sounded like a cool idea of showing the value of pixel art as it has grown older, the idea is that the timeline wont be of year or time but instead the styles of pixel art when they are introduced,

sort of like the evolution of man timeline image:

Agreed Action Points

  • Explore the different eras of pixel art styles
  • Show what we learned to the panel in crit presentation next week
  • Explain what the value and relevance of the timeline

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