Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Honours Project: Timeline moodboard

Hello there,

So last thursday one of my action points were to research into timelines and what can i learn from them when creating my own.

so i hopped online and searched for timelines then whacked them all together in a moodboard,

So yeah most of these are what you would expect to see in a timeline, text heavy occaisonaly with pictures I was trying to find a more interesting concept, passage came to mind as its essentially an interactive timeline of someones life.

but i want one with some visual "oomf" these are very boring to look at for me anyways and probably wont go down well as a final project atall.

so i looked on youtube to see if i could find more interesting things,

bit more interesting with some basic animations etc

another timeline that cropped up is the layout of facebook, which suprisingly never crossed my mind despite the sheer amount of time i spend on the damn site.

not strictly a timeline but it could be easily incorperated into mine is that of spritesheets,

and heres my one that i did quickly for my banner,

not as much stuff as the previous ones but still,

so yeah, i find sprite sheets mesmerising, i like seeing all the individual frames seperately, so for my final piece i was thinking of having a timeline that animates and is all fancy like the oil video above but also accompany it with a sprite sheet,

I was thinking the sprite sheet could be of selected frames of an animation that goes through all the different styles from vintage to stylised/hybrids so people can have a closer look.

just an idea, still alot of work to do but im glad that i can now see where the hell i am going...

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