Tuesday, 26 March 2013

personal development: sketching and working with limited colour palettes


Second post for today...

So I have been getting myself back into doing some sketches of random things that come into my head at the time. I feel like since I have had alot of down time due to various illnesses that getting my sketching back up to scratch will help me in time to come, so i plan to do a sketch everyday of anything be it from a movie or something completely born within my head.

i have already posted this but this is my dwarf guy (sketch)

I like him going to be my main character for my timeline (more on that to come) just cant decide on his colour palette yet.

this was just a random thing that came into my head whilst watching walking dead, 

this just came into my head after playing alot of SPvsTW video game as it is pixel art, along with the lyrics from the song scott sang to ramona

incase you were wondering along with memory i used this image as reference,

the image on the left, not the random cosplayer...

I previously made a post about asking for support on my qwertee tshirt design, after doing pretty well with 124 votes I decided to have another stab at it, its good fun so it keeps me motivated plus its good practice for pixel art as you are only limited to 5 colours.

so heres my latest attempt,

Its going well at 272 votes its even got enough to be getting printed, incase you dont know its a mash up of Wreck-it-Ralph and The avengers. Two absolutely awesome movies that i recommend to anyone who hasnt seen them yet.

The thing i learned about most is the mixing of colours to get more, for example a pixel checker of black and a colour when viewed from a distance will make a darker colour. a checker of red and yellow will make an orange hue.

this is another use of the dithering method on top of gradiants which i have talked about before.

This method of colour blending is the same as halftones or the use of dots in pointilism, this method is valuable and will be helpful when it comes to creating work for my timeline.

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