Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Presentaion: Evaluation

Well this weeks presentation was rather hectic,

So, i was originally to be in for my presentation on thursday but my computer crashed for whatever reason setting me back and having to start from scratch, thanks to lynn i was give till friday to present my work again.

Dunno what it was maybe stress mixed with nerves of the week, i forgot to save my presentation as .ppt so it wouldnt run thankfully there were people at the presentation who had a laptop that could run it so i could change the format so it would be able to run...

However as with any presentation i am very prone to stage fright i feel its making a gradual progression over the years but on friday just with this one set back it destroyed my nerves and when it came to me presented,

I missed alot of what i meant to say and panicked far too much...

However, I feel alot of what i thought was going badly was in my head, i seemed to manage to get enough points across anyways to make the lecturers happier with the fact that i knew where i was going...

Lyn made a good point in that, the final project has probably changed away from making the aim that i have relevant to the project and that i should spend some time rewriting it to fit with my project rather than the other way round.

Ryan was the same but wanted me to be more clear in what my timeline represents, he mentioned how when  3D was first introduced that that was pixelated but i never talk about that side of "pixel art" I was too nervous at the time to mention it but, pixelated art is not pixel art, pixel art is more about the technique (i talk about this in greater detail in my previous posts) so yeah that is something i would need to mention next time we meet up.

Brian the other lecturer there for my presentation echoed what ryan and lyn said,

So all in all apart from the nerves and hastle to get my presentation ready the feedback was positive...

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