Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Honours project: classic level 2 and the beginnings of level 3 for retro

Hello so after a brake on monday, and a dissertation day yesterday i got back to my practical stuff

So today i got the second level for classic done.

here it is,

So yeah classic allows things to eget a bit more colourfull ... im thinking of a way to make this more interesting than just them bobbing up and down gonna try liven it up for Retro

Talking about retro i got to work on the character animation for it,

so heres idle,

as you can see there is a big jump in detail thanks to the increase of resolution looking closer like the one in stylised.

this is him jumping

more detail lets me play about with giving him some motion blur... any excuse for these kinda particle animations i have a problem, i think im addicted to doing this sort of thing.

so yeah i had begun with doing some for his special.. i wanted to up the crazy from the previous one ... i have have an idea of how it should look in my head but i cant quite translate it well enough.. its starting to bug me so going to leave it for now and have a wee break and then do some more dissertating.

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