Friday, 10 May 2013

Exposition: Business cards old and new ... and whats going on?


So now that my honours project is nearly done i can focus how i am going to present it at the showcase.

first up business cards,

so i got these first, when i was worried about the direction my project was going and felt i should get these so i didnt have to think/worry about it.

however i soldiered through and got a fair whack of my work done so much that i thought that the business card wasnt really unified with what i was showing. despite the extra cash i think the decision to get more was a good one. (not that there was any significant problems with the ones above

however im still unsure how i am going to present my work on my corner of the wall.

i do have an idea that my wall have posters showing each style,

however im not sure as this is my final work and ive been told that the stuff on your wall is developement stuff so going to have to think about it a bit more

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