Thursday, 2 May 2013

Honours Project: Retro level 3 character and level 2 started

So lets get right into it,

so heres the special, i guess you could say i toned down the crazy a bit from the previous 2 and showing off a sort of mechanical attack.

level 3 spritesheet

so heres the spriteseheet of all the characters animations from level 3 with jump and idle animations i put up yesterday.

So also today i was working a bit on the level 2 for retro..

I got as far as doing the nature side,

however im kinda unhappy with it since the character level is getting more and more kenetic each style the level 2 seems to up the detail but the animations remain the same and kinda boring so im working on a way to do that.

also this leads onto the city side, I did this:

thos eagled eyed readers out there may have noticed that the city side has barely changed from the earlier style. so again i need to think of something to living everything up. however classic and retro have very subtle differences anyways but it would be nice if there was something else to catch the eye.

anyways yeah thats it for today.

Any feedback on anything is welcome also any suggestions for my two queries feel free to drop me a comment or hit me up on thee old facebook chat. 

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