Sunday, 5 May 2013

Honours Project: Old School Level 3 done

Some more character animations for you to look at that i did today.

character special this took me far too long to do and it still could have done with a bit more work to it. took me a while to think of something cool for him to do.

so yeah the big change from retro to oldschool is more colour so shading is pretty obvious also the sprites now at 64x64 pixels.

so yeah quick post today but i thought some of you out there might like them? let me know in a comment what you think, please.

so next up im going to be doing the second level and then thats everything atleast has art for albeit some being placers and could really do with improvement.. however since i gave myself till wednesday to get these 2 levels finished im ahead of schedule which is great :) need to get the momentum going with this little boost of motivation.

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