Saturday, 11 May 2013

Exposition: Showcase idea.


So my honours projects about 95% complete and my dissertations coming along so i had time to think about how im going to show it at the exposition.

so lets get right to it so heres the concept of how i want my wall to look.

ok, so first up i thought it would fit well to keep thing retro of the time pixel art came from so i went for nintendo iconic handheld the gameboy. the graphics for it such as the buttons screen and the 2 lines at the top would be spray painted on. (checking to see if thats actually allowed) if not i will print them out depending on how expensive it would be.

  1. title ( This would be my name in the actual showcase)
  2. poster this will be a mock image as if my project would is on a game cartridge
  3. same poster as above but it shows how i broke down pixel art games and categorised them into there corresponding style.
  4. statement of my project most likely the abstract from the dissertation
  5. each of these black squares represent an actual nes cartridge with images of each style. (this is only if i can find 5 rubbishy nes cartridges that i wouldnt mind taking apart etc. if i cant find then one of them would prob be placement of my wall mounted business cards

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